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Plan of Work

for the Center for Urban Education Success

As the Center for Urban Education Success is newly created at the University of Rochester, we use a “Plan of Work” featured on this page as a guiding document during our first year. Created in collaboration between the Warner School of Education, our University President, and some of our key donors, this comprehensive plan is organized into five main objectives of the Center: launching the Center, creating a national model, fostering & sharing and dialogue, preparing urban teachers & leaders, and providing consulting services to urban schools. Under each of these general headings, we provide the status of each deliverable task. There is also a link to a more detailed pdf version of our Plan of Work. Although such documents are typically used internally only, we choose to present ours here in our ongoing commitment to transparency, as we believe that in order for our work to be informative and transformative, it must offer insight and specifics as to our goals and our work.

Detailed Plan of Work

  • Center Director, Dr. Stephen Uebbing, appointed July 2016
  • Associate Director, Dr. Joanne Larson, appointed July 2016
  • Assistant Director, Dr. Valerie Marsh, appointed July 2016
  • Administrative Assistant position, interview process complete. Offer in progress.
  • Advisory Council established, June 2016
  • Public announcement of new Center, May 2016
  • 1st and 2nd quarterly practitioner guides published on website.
  • External evaluator WestEd hired, May 2016
  • Written report about quantitative student outcomes completed, September 2016.
  • Written report on ethnography conducted about the launch of UR-East EPO, in progress
  • Two grant proposals to pursue research projects: 1st submitted June 2016; 2nd in progress.
  • Center website launched, Fall 2016
  • Presidential session presentation @ American Educational Research Association (AERA) annual conference, delivered April 2016.
  • Invited presentation @ Association of American Universities (AAU), November 2016.
  • Presentation proposals accepted for AERA's 2017 annual conference.
  • Identified a small set of urban schools engaged in turn-around work & secured their participation in a network
  • Organize annual event on Revitalizing Urban Education, keynote speaker secured for June 1-2, 2017
  • Secure NYSED funding for Year 2 of Teacher/Leader Quality Partnership (TLQP) grant to prepare urban school leaders, application submitted Summer 2016 and funding awarded
  • Prepare a revised plan for Year 3 of TLQP, April 2017
  • Register UR Warner's Urban Teaching & Leadership (UTL) Program as an Advanced Certificate with NYSED, approved April 2016
  • Presentation/publication on lessons learned about preparing effective urban teachers, in progress
  • Presentation/publication on lessons learned about preparing effective urban school leaders, in progress
  • Hire two part-time clinical faculty, Dr. Susan Meier and Dr. Shaun Nelms, to continue running UR-East EPO and to develop capacity to deliver consulting services in future, completed June 2016
  • Secure continuing contract and budget to run Year 2 of UR-East EPO, completed June 2016
  • Run Year 2 of the UR-East EPO, in progress

Detailed Plan of Work (PDF)